Garth Nix: Abhorsen



The apocalyptic conclusion to the New York Times bestselling Abhorsen series--an epic fantasy experience not to be missed.The Abhorsen Sabriel and King Touchstone are missing, leaving only Lirael--newly come into her inheritance as the Abhorsen-in-Waiting--to stop the Destroyer. If Orannis's unspeakable powers are unleashed, it will mean the end of all Life. With only a vision from the Clayr to guide her, and the help of her companions, Sam, the Disreputable Dog, and Mogget, Lirael must search in both Life and Death for some means to defeat the evil destructor--before it is too late. . . .

E.D. Baker pulls out all the stops in this brilliant version of a classic tale. It's a little known fact that Sleeping Beauty's younger sister, Annie, is the one who must save the day and rescue her from the evil curse. Annie is impervious to ALL magic - good and bad - and is the only one left awake when her sister pricks that finger. She sets off through the kingdom to find her sister's true love, the Abhorsen download book only person who can wake her and reverse the spell. Annie is joined by a handsome prince in disguise as she tackles Hansel and Gretel (and their witch), and many other fabulously familiar fairytale characters. Full of Baker's trademark humour, plot twists, and with a funny and strong female lead, this will charm fans of The Frog Princess, and bring in many new ones. A beautifully illustrated companion to the Royal family throughout history Spanning ten dynasties of England's monarchs, The Kings and Queens of England presents portraits and potted biographies of England's monarchs. Spanning from the Normans through to the House of Windsor, this exquisite little book captures the personalities behind the crowns and records the landmarks, traditions and events of each reign.

Author: Garth Nix
Number of Pages: 340 pages
Published Date: 03 Jun 2014
Publisher: Harper
Publication Country: United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9780062315571
Download Link: Click Here


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